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June 8, 2019

Gender Based Violence workshop

 A two days Gender Based Violence workshop was conducted at Elim Resource centre,Gwaltabi on 5th June 2019.The workshop was participated by 47 local women  who are leaders of SHGs,farmers groups ,the objective of the workshop is to sensitise local women on the issues and problems within the family and society at large that needs serious attention of all right thinking people and women in particular. The kind of abuses and discriminations women are facing in daily lives family and community is often thought to be natural and not something like violation of one’s rights .In other word getting used to it or normalized with the norms and practices. In many cases we women ourselves perpetuate it without questioning.

Group discussions on the kind of abuses and discrimination women faced with recommendation was part of the workshop where all the groups stated that awareness programmes to be continued and our customary laws that impedes and restricts women to exercise their potentials and rights should be redefined.