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The Integrated Rural Management Association (IRMA) is a voluntary and non-profit organization registered under the Manipur Societies Registration Act 1989 and Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) of 1976.

IRMA was formed with the noble and sole objective of creating an appropriate platform for a proactive and inclusive development of the marginalized section of the rural community. Special emphasis is laid on capacity building and livelihood promotion of the rural women under-privileged girls particularly school drop-outs..

The association in its journey towards building a just and sustainable livelihood through capacity building and self help initiatives had come across many challenges. However, with the zeal and passion to achieve changes in the lives of people, the organization continues to intervene on various sectors of developmental activities. IRMA today has completed 11 years of dedication and active service to the rural populace covering 22 villages in Sadar Hills areas.

IRMA  strongly believes that every effort undertaken by the organization would usher in positive and significant change in its operational area.

Vision:  Visualizing a society with sustainable livelihood and good governance.

Mission : Mobilize collective actions of the community for ensuring active participation of women in decision making and develop their skills through workshops and training.


  • To promote participation of women in decision making process at all level through gender mainstreaming.
  • Promote an inclusive development approach, wherein every section of the community are also squarely within the development fold.
  • Promote livelihood security through innovative methods and improved management of their resource base in a way that contributes to preservation and restoration of the environment.


For correspondence, please contact:

Integrated Rural Management Association (IRMA)

Head Office: Urangpat Village, Sadar Hills-East, Senapati Dist, Manipur 795134, INDIA.
Administrative Office: Lien Cottage, Chassad Avenue, Imphal East - 795001, Manipur, INDIA.
Contact Person: Helam Haokip, Secretary-IRMA.
Mobile: +91-7085554949, Office: +91-3871-201595.